Our greatest resource
is our youth. Our mission
is to transform them into our
future community leaders.

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All APA families in NYC
deserve to grow up safe,
happy and healthy.

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Together we can overcome
hardship. Together we can
strengthen each other. Together,
we can achieve greatness.


The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) is pleased to announce that discretionary funds allocated to Asian Pacific American-led organizations by the New York City Council for Fiscal Year 2018 increased by nearly $400,000 as compared to FY 2017, with a total of $2,214,500 for FY 2018. The highest total discretionary award received by an APA-led organization was $258,000, an increase of $14,000 compared to FY 2017. Total discretionary awards made to APA-led organizations increased by 0.83%, bringing the percent of total discretionary funding to APA-led organizations up to 4.06% for FY 2018.

Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island saw an increase in discretionary funding given to APA-led organizations. Eighteen Council members increased their discretionary funding of APA-led organizations, fourteen of which funded a larger number of APA-led organizations compared to FY 2017.  In total, there were 11 newly-funded APA-led organizations across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Click here to see CACF’s analysis of Schedule C for the APA community.

Sudha Acharya, Executive Director of the South Asian Council for Social Services, said, "We are happy to see an increase in discretionary funds for APA communities. These funds for immigrant-serving CBO’s help to serve hard-to-reach families. South Asian Council for Social Services (SACSS) is a community-based gateway to vital social support for immigrant families providing comprehensive health, social, food security, and community learning services. SACSS hopes for and will work towards gaining more resources in the future in order to expand our outreach and meet the demands of the fast-growing South Asian community."

Linda Lee, Executive Director of the Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, said, “We are happy to see a trend towards increasing discretionary dollars for the APA community. The Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York works to provide the Asian immigrant community the tools needed to thrive by providing social services in the areas of Aging, Workforce Development, Education, Immigration, Public Health and Mental Health. We see the growing need for supports for our community every day and with the help of discretionary funding will continue to expand our services to the community.”

Vanessa Leung, Co-Executive Director of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, said, “The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) is committed to partnering with NYC Council Members to help address the complex needs of Asian Pacific Americans who make up the fastest growing population in New York City. We are glad to see the increase in discretionary funding this year and that now over 4% is going to organizations dedicated to serving our communities. These organizations are often the only ones providing culturally competent and language accessible services.  We at CACF continue our strong commitment to understanding the needs of APA communities in each district; identifying gaps in services, access, and funding; and advocating for equity for the APA community.”

The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) aims to improve the economic security and well-being of Asian Pacific American children and families in New York City.



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