Sarah Low

Development Associate /

Sarah Low Headshot Image

Sarah joined CACF as a Development Associate in July 2017. A native Texan, Sarah Low lives in Dallas, where she will be a senior at Coppell High School this fall. As an aspiring forensic psychiatrist, she is excited to have the opportunity to utilize her skills in graphic design to help promote health equity, advocacy, and social justice for Asian Americans in the community.

Outside of her work with CACF, Sarah is a competitive fencer on the national level. A foil fencer with 5 years of experience under her belt, she has qualified for the 2014 and 2015 national Junior Olympics as well as the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Fencing Summer Nationals.

Sarah has worked with the Fencing Institute of Texas to design two annual poster and t-shirt designs for the 2016 and the 2017 Annual Wang Memorial Tournament. She has also worked with the Chinese Olympic fencing gold-medalist Jujie Luan to design a logo for the new Jujie Luan “JJL” fencing club located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other works of hers include the t-shirt design for Parker University’s official Chiropractic Club.

At school, Sarah is the marketing officer of her high school’s Philosophy Club, the secretary of the Fencing Club, and the founder and president of the Creative Writing Club. She has also been a staff member of her high school’s official Creative Literary Arts Magazine, the CLAM, where she served as its chief editor. Her passion for writing fiction and poetry has won her published work the Honorable Mention award for the Annual Coppell Gifted and Talented Writing Competition for five consecutive years.

Sarah’s deep interest in the forensic sciences and criminal justice has allowed her to win first prize in her high school’s annual science fair for her “Bite mark Analysis” study in the mathematical sciences category. She has also represented her school district in the Dallas Regional Science Fair, where she was awarded second prize for her “Blood Spatter Analysis” project, before she went on to compete on a state level at the Texas State Science Fair in San Antonio, Texas.

This summer, Sarah has also been interning at Fork Films and Incite Pictures to help create social documentaries that spark progressive change and social justice within the community.