Welcome to CACF’s new blog!


Sheelah cropped
Sheelah Feinberg, Executive Director


We are excited to launch CACF’s blog, which will be a space to comment on and share perspectives about the many policy issues facing our Asian Pacific American communities in nationally and at home, in New York City.

One of the most critical projects that we have been working on involves ensuring that our community members are recognized and accounted for by our city, state, and national governments. On the face of it, it may not seem compelling or immediately necessary, but when we think about how many (15% and growing) APAs live in New York City, we know just how important and impactful it is to collect and report accurate, disaggregated data. If our community members aren’t counted, we will not receive the services and resources that we need.

For far too long APAs have been told that we are invisible and that our voices don’t count. For far too long, APAs have been silenced and thought of as “model minorities.” But thankfully, there is a new generation of emerging APA leaders, a new call for accurate data so that we will no longer be “invisible,” and that when are numbers are taken together we realize we actually are the fastest growing population in New York City and in the US.

We are working on another exciting policy issue: contracting reform. Are you sleeping yet? Stay with us. Contracting is one of the most important ways we can level the proverbial playing field for Asian-led and Asian-serving organizations. Too many of our member organizations lose out on a competitive contracts processes because the application process is onerous and difficult to navigate. CACF, our 15% and Growing Coalition, and the Communities of Color partners are leading the charge to make the process accessible and more inclusive. If you are interested in joining this work, please let us know.

You will also notice that we have a new look and feel for our website. I hope you will take some time to become more familiar with CACF’s advocacy and programming.