SJLI: Membership Leadership and Growth

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The Asian Pacific American Social Justice Leadership Institute

The APA Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI) invests in the power of our collective community.  CACF envisions social justice leaders as forward-thinking, community-connected, and long-term drivers of social change.

What we do: The SJLI delivers leadership trainings that bring together those with a desire to engage in social justice work for the APA community, including: high school and college students, staff and volunteers in community-based organizations, parents, educators, and funders.

Grounded in an understanding of the dynamic APA community and our history, the SJLI will build the capacity of participating individuals and organizations to increase their involvement and connections to social change activities and to each other.

What Social Justice Leaders receive: Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and an increased understanding of advocacy and social change in relation to their current roles in the community, in their workplace, and/or in their school. Participants will learn to:

  • Identify community needs, envision change-goals, and engage in larger policy and systems change.
  • Network with each other through a cohort-model, and learn about social change and movement-building efforts underway across NYC and the country.

The SJLI leverages CACF’s many partnerships in NYC and across the country, as well as CACF’s long-standing expertise in: 1) leadership development and training on policy advocacy and systems change with NYC APA populations and APA immigrants, 2) building coalitions of community organizations from different APA communities, and 3) formulating unified advocacy agendas, and training on budget, policy, and administrative advocacy.



To date, Social Justice Leaders have attended workshops to create a needs assessment study, develop a theory of change, learn how policy advocacy is performed, and refine and improve their storytelling skills. 

CACF’s SJLI is proud to partner with the Moth to focus on developing impactful storytelling as a tool for effective advocacy and fundraising. Participating organizations of our 2018 training includes: Advancement for Rural KidsApex for Youth, Arab-American Family Support Center, Asian Americans for EqualityCMP, Chhaya Community Development Corporation, Chinese-American Planning Council, NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health, Sakhi for South Asian Women, Turning Point for Women and Families, and Womankind