Capacity & Coalition Building



CACF builds stronger coalitions and enhances the capacity of organizations to better serve Asian Pacific American children and families by:

  • Bringing together organizations to build a stronger collective voice in New York City policymaking
  • Collaborating with member organizations to advance policy campaigns
  • Bridging between member organizations, CBOs (community-based organizations) and policymakers
  • Strengthening leadership development, organizational development, program development, and community engagement.


CACF is a proud partner of the following of coalitions:


Member Organizations join CACF to:

  • Be service providers, community organizers, advocates, researchers, and intermediaries
  • Address children and family issues, human service needs, and social justice
  • Provide recommendations to decision makers on how to improve policies, funding, and services for children and families
  • Unite the Asian Pacific American community and build solidarity with immigrant communities and communities of color


CACF relies on our member organizations’ deep expertise, and grassroots connections. Member organizations provide essential direct services to Asian Pacific American community members that are culturally and linguistically competent, and accessible to people with all immigration statuses.

Current list of member organizations.

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