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15% and Growing Campaign
The 15% and Growing Campaign aims for New York City and State governments to have fair budgets that protect the most vulnerable Asian Pacific American (APA) New Yorkers. The APA community is the fastest growing ethnic group in New York City. We make up nearly 15% of the population, but receive only 5.06%* of discretionary funding. Over 25% of APAs continue to live in poverty, and nearly 80% are foreign-born. APA community organizations not only serve hundreds of thousands of APAs, they also provide the most impactful culturally competent and language accessible services that are cost effective in the long-term.

Save the Date 11th Annual APA City Advocacy Day                                                         15P_COLOR_002_campaign logo



Invisible No More – Data Disaggregation

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APAs are by percentage, the fastest growing racial group in New York, and the needs of underserved segments of the community outstrips current levels of service. The collection, disaggregation, and reporting of data on APAs can improve government efficiency by helping City agencies properly identify, monitor, and address social service needs. Disaggregation and public reporting of data is a best practice that should be instituted across all relevant agencies. Ensuring the adoption of standard approaches to disaggregation will help to ensure that agencies that deliver vital services to New York City’s residents base decisions regarding service delivery on data that accurately captures the diversity of demographics and service needs in the City’s population and help agencies develop vital programs in a timely and efficient manner.  Creating a uniform approach to disaggregating data on New York’s diverse Asian communities will also pave the way for similar disaggregation for communities with fewer subgroups such as the Hispanic/Latino community.

check out this LINK to read about the data disagregation and data equity bills CACF fought for
Here are the specific Legislative File Numbers CACF has assisted in pushing forward: Int 0251-2014Int 0551-2014Int 0552-2014

Health Equity- Project CHARGE

In 2008, CACF established Project CHARGE (Coalition for Health Access to Reach Greater Equity), an advocacy collaborative to address health equity and access issues in Asian Pacific American communities.

Currently Project CHARGE has 17 organizational members representing social service providers based in New York City that serve Asian Pacific American immigrants from over 16 countries, speaking over 25 different languages and dialects.  Many of the clients that these social service providers serve have unique challenges due to their immigrant status, occupation, language needs, and cultural barriers.

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Education Equity Network– TBA




*According to CACF’s analysis of New York City’s Discretionary Funding Schedule C